Saturday, 28 January 2012

Secularism: Really???

I was reading 'Absolute Khushwant' over the week. Though the first impression of the book was not that good but not judging it by cover I started it partly due to a strange curiosity. The curiosity to know how a 96 year old feels after seeing so much. The curiosity to judge the world through his eyes hoping his interpretation of the world will be more clear and unbiased just because of the number of years he has lived (and partly because of so little time he has left with).
If I have to be honest, I must say that I was amazed by the simplicity and frankness with which he talks about issues considered taboos in our society. He talks at length about sex, extramarital affairs et al. with distinctive ease and brazen bluntness. He talks about being such an old man and enjoying the various privileges that come with it.
So the book is a good read, what's the big deal about? Just as I was thinking of adding him to the microscopically small list of Indian authors whom I admire, he starts talking about politics and to top it all religious fanaticism in Indian politics. And he ruins it all !!!

For a person who has lived so long and more importantly who has seen this country for so long, his vindication of few political parties and conviction of few others seems juvenile, if not stupid. This blog is not a political one but still I can't control the urge to name the parties here. The man has seen the 1984 riots, he has seen the role of then PM in Babri Mosque demolition but still he calls Congress a secular party. How dumb is that?
He speaks of BJP very lowly and call them fundoo (fundamentalists) and in the same breath calls Congress a secular party. Though I agree with him that BJP is not secular, but calling Congress one is just like boasting about your son's honesty when everyone else knows him as a thief. How can a person call a pro-hindu party as fundoo and a pro-muslim party as secular. To me it smells like double standards. FYI, the secular party just announced that they will arrange for yet another quota for Muslims if voted to power in upcoming UP elecctions. He even makes a mockery of himself by justifying his claim by saying that at least Manmohan Singh apologised in the parliament for 1984 but Modi never did for Gujarat. How ridiculous is that? He sees India in safe hands of MMS, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Seriously, Rahul?? You got to be kidding me now !!!

Leaving politics apart, I wonder why Indian journalism/literature is so biased ? Why people fake their feelings even when writing for the common people who know the truth? Why can't they appreciate the good and torment the bad? After seeing the long association of Khushwant Singh with the Congress as well as the Gandhi family I wonder if the man who talks about frankness while talking about his personal life has missed a trick or two when he starts talking about the big and mighty ones of Indian politics.

So my curiosity was thwarted prematurely and I never finished the book...

Hey folks, so here I am with my own blog. Call it whatever you like- caving in to peer pressure or just another tantrum to push your thoughts onto others- but I am here and here for good.
But the question still remains- what prodded me (if not forced) into having a blog? I am not very sure myself but I guess (and I hope) it will allow me to capture the flickerings of my mind. It will allow me to share my thoughts without any word limit - as Facebook does (Oh I hate it so much !!!).