Monday, 6 February 2012

The Gadget Girl

Ok, we are told to accept the fact that nothing can puzzle a brain(or any brain) more than this mysterious entity more famously known as woman. And as I almost qualify to fall into the category of "somewhat" normal people I accept that this species amazes me too (and yes this is one of the qualifying criteria to be called normal). But my amazement is a little wayward than most other people wonder about gals(remember the "somewhat" clause).

So enough with the rambling, let's bring the curtains down. Simply said, I wonder why in the hell gals don't like gadgets? Though I have seen and talked to a number of gals, I am yet to meet a gal who can be called a "geek"  and who can keep talking when guys switch the coffee conversation from office politics to patent infringement cases (some of my friends call it a blessing in disguise for boys that should be used tactically and sporadically to make the chatterboxes(read girlfriends) mum). This post is all about capturing my quest to find 'that' girl whom I call the Gadget Girl.

Yeah, the title sounds like a reality show but I neither have the sponsors nor this much time to organize such event (of course I didn't consider the (im)possibility of gals participating in that show but who cares). So I decided to use my daily encounters with gals as my way of 'doing it'. I started out talking about gadgets and/or technology with friends in the presence of gals. But the whole exercise remained a notch below useless as with every statement spewed out of a gadget freak mouth, I found one beautiful lady missing from the discussion. And as it always happens with guys we were then divided into groups supporting competing gadgets/technologies after which I was so engrossed in the discussion that I forgot my "objective".

So I decided to take the challenge head-on. I asked few girls at my workplace about what OS is in their phone( sorry guys I could not think of anything dumber than this). It was difficult for me to believe the freaking awesome phones I saw in their hands and the answers I got to this seemingly kiddish question. A beautiful lady with a even more beautiful Experia said that she got the phone because his boyfriend suggested it. When I asked another gal having a Nexus about her IceCream Sandwich update she thought I was taking her to Barista across the road and gave me a look that is difficult to explain (but any guy who is/was ever rejected by a gal for a date would know and empathize with me).

As I was getting bogged down by a feeling of failure and was on the verge of declaring gals dumb I saw THE messiah. I finally met a girl who was talking about Android (yeah I was awed too). When done with overhearing I hacked into the discussion and asked the girl,
Q. Why Android?
A. Because Android is awesome.
Fair point. +1
Q. But so is iPhone/Mango/BB ?
A. But Android is so fast.
Q. Really?
A. Of course. Don't you know that Android phones have dual-cores?
Q.So what?
A.That means they are fast.
Though I was about to laugh at her face but maintaining some decency I rather switched my question,
Q. So what? iOS and Mango are also 'fast'. Why android?
A. Because Android phones have great battery life.
What ??? Come again??? It took me a while to recollect myself and before that the talented gal had moved on to how beautiful are the Androids and how dull are all the other phones in this small world. The quack went on for a while before she struck the last nail in the coffin of the Gadget Girl. And I quote, "...Apple can never compete with Android because Android is now such a large company that it has acquired all the mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola etc. ..."
I was forced to interrupt her enlightening talks with my last question,
Q. Do you know what OS android phones run on?
A. Of course I do. Linux, what else. And that's why there are no viruses in Android phones,.

I cursed myself for even imagining the existence of the Gadget Girl and promised myself that I will never ever indulge in such stupid and useless expeditions where the result is known even before the start. Needless to say, Project Gadget Girl stands scrapped !!!


Abhishek said...

:D :D :D :D
"...Apple can never compete with Android because Android is now such a large company that it has acquired all the mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola etc. ..."
:D :D :D :D

Abhi7ek said...

i hope u'll find that gadget girl soon...
and whn u do, tell me plz who is that extra terrestrial...:)

kautuk said...

I told you na...project scrapped !!! :-D

Richa Gupta said...

yeh lekh ek jhooth par aadharit hai ... iska kisi bhi ladki se koi sambandh nahi hai .. agar aapke saath bhi aisa kuch hota hai to aapko bhi JHOOTH kaha jayega ..

kautuk said...

@Richa: Don't take it personally, every now and then u see some 'exceptional' gal who is a gadget freak....(of course no pun intended!!!)

ratan said...


Anonymous said...

Kinda sexist man, personally have met many girls who can totally hold their own in any tech conversation..

kautuk said...

Sorry dude!!! still to find my Gadget gal !!! sorry for the anti-feminist tone though :-(

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